What Is The Worthy Walk?
Today on Relentless Truth, John continues in Colossians as the Apostle Paul discusses unity, false teaching and how to walk by faith.
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What is completeness in Christ? Humans don’t really complete humans the way Jesus Christ does. If you want to know who Jesus Christ our Lord really is, Colossians is your book.

Completeness in Christ

We tend to substitute idols for Christ’s completeness. I seem to always be a moment away from resting or trusting in myself. What a silly proposition that is. I tend to rely on the guy who has made mistakes, the guy who loathes his previous sins, even his life of sin years ago, instead of Jesus Christ our Lord who loves me and has given Himself for me. We tend to think of the idols during New Testament times as silly, and yet our lives so easily fill with these idols.

In this episode, we jump into the text of Colossians 1. We discuss the fact that He first loved us. He is the uncaused cause. Even Paul’s introduction is packed full of beautiful, rich theology.

Christ Equips Us

In verses 9 through 13 of chapter one, Paul discusses “the worthy walk.” It is our being in Christ that makes us worthy. He alone is our completeness. We must rest in Him if we are to live the worthy walk. In this episode, we discuss the concept of “knowing” once again. This intimacy of knowledge that we have in Christ. This isn’t just academic knowledge. It is relational and close and intimate. It is this intimacy that informs our walk in Him. There is no tension in this truth, although we tend to assign some tension here. We bear fruit because we increase in the “knowledge of God.” This knowledge includes intimacy of relationship. He equips us. Period.

We also discuss the way we treat each other in the church. This completeness informs our conduct. As we trust Him and in His might, we are able to build proper, biblical relationships. However, if we trust in ourselves, we live selfishly and often in conflict. “He has delivered us,” so we should live like delivered people.

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“It is our being in Christ that makes us worthy.  He alone is our completeness.  We must rest in Him if we are to live the worthy walk.”

John Warren