A Conversation with Audrey Foulk
Relentless Truth with John Warren

In this week’s episode I talk to Audrey Foulk. Audrey tells the incredible story of her life. She talks about the challenges her family has faced, and God’s faithfulness throughout all of those challenges. Audrey maturely discusses delicate matters that have impacted her life and her family. She explains how God met her family’s needs during a challenging season of life.

Learning to Fly

Audrey talks about her love for aviation and her plans to attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. She discusses her goals for the future, and the way she honors her dad through her experience as she learns to fly.

Audrey also discusses the ideology of our world today. She talks about the desire for instant gratification, and she explains that her generation has access to information and entertainment that is unprecedented. She says this is a reason for many of the challenges in our world today.

Theology Changes Perspective

We also talk about Christianity and what it means to be a Christian in the world we live in today. Audrey discusses the struggle not to conform, and she explains Romans 12:2, and its explanation of “renewal of your mind.” She explains the difference between outward behavior and inward transformation.

Audrey talks directly to parents about her generation in this episode. She explains that her generation is underestimated. She says that her generation wants to be challenged and respected. She explains that older generations often assume that her generation doesn’t understand or care about weighty topics that matter.

Audrey explains the importance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She wisely talks about living a life characterized by love near the end of our time together. This episode will restore your confidence in future generations.

    “This generation has access to information and entertainment that is unprecedented.”

    Audrey Foulk