The Economy-Part 1
John discusses the Federal Governments financial crisis on Relentless Truth, a Christian Podcast.

In this, our 22nd episode, we discuss the economy. This episode is an overview of the U.S. economy. I discuss U.S. history and several big-picture economic trends throughout our history. In a very real sense, the environment we are in today is a repeat of several points in our history that we can learn from. 

Overview of the United States Economy

My goal in this episode is to share these thoughts with you so that you may be prepared for the next phases of this economic environment. Business and economic news can be confusing, and one of my goals is to simplify trends in the economy so you can strategize based on accurate understanding and expectations.


You will learn the actual cause of “inflation” in this episode. You will learn how inflation is created, and you will learn how government influences the economy. We talk about these concepts in the context of today’s seemingly unpredictable environment.

Our great hope is in Christ. We don’t have to fear or run and hide. We can employ biblical stewardship principles in every economic environment.

Please enjoy this important and informative episode and share it with your friends. This is part one of a three-part series on the economy. Part two will be released in two weeks, and part three, a very practical discussion on applied, personal economics, will be released the following week.

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“Our great hope is in Christ.  We don’t have to fear or run and hide.  We can employ biblical stewardship principles in every economic environment.”

John Warren