The Economy-Part 3
Biblical instruction for home economics on Relentless Truth with John Warren, a Christian Podcast

In this, our 25th episode, we discuss the economy from an applied perspective. My guest, Connie Warren, discusses household management from a biblical perspective in this episode. We discuss relationships, biblical imperatives for the family, and related topics. Connie talks about the fact that families are under attack in our culture today, and she eloquently explains God’s remedy for this challenge.

Family and Lessons Learned

This is a very personal, informative episode wherein we talk about our family and some of the lessons we have learned. Connie provides wise counsel on a variety of family and home related topics in perhaps a counterintuitive way that families will find helpful.

Please enjoy this important and informative episode and share it with your friends. This is part three of a three-part series on the economy. Next week’s episode features a conversation with my friend, Melanie Harder.

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“We are raising warriors in God’s army, raising up little disciples who will hopefully know, trust, and love the Lord more than their very lives.”

Connie Warren