The Economy-Part 2
Biblical instruction for home economics on Relentless Truth with John Warren, a Christian Podcast

In this, our 24th  episode, we discuss the economy. We transition today to focus on biblical instruction relating to money and the economy. Jesus focused on material things during His earthly ministry. We discuss the wisdom of Scripture during this important episode. We answer the question, “Is Jesus Christ more important to me than money?”

God’s Plan for Reducing Our Anxiety

My goal in this episode is to share God’s perspective on the use of our money from Scripture. I talk about God’s plan for reducing our anxiety by focusing us on the appropriate view of wealth and material resources.

We Can Employ Biblical Stewardship in Every Economic Environment

Our great hope is in Christ. We don’t have to fear or run and hide. We can employ biblical stewardship principles in every economic environment.

Please enjoy this important and informative episode and share it with your friends. This is part two of a three-part series on the economy. Part three is a very practical look at the implications of the economy. Connie Warren joins me with her perspectives in both of these important, practical episodes.

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“Is Jesus Christ more important to me than money?”