A Conversation with Max Simmonds
Max Simmonds on social media, our hope in Christ on Relentless Truth with John Warren

Max Simmonds, a high school senior, tells his story in this week’s episode of Relentless Truth. He discusses issues of our day including the fact that we live in a post-truth world.

Social Media and This Generation

He discusses his family, living the Christian life, and he takes on social media and the challenges it presents for his generation. Max talks candidly about temptations that a young man faces in this world of rapid electronic access.

Max describes our culture and discusses the notion of “cancel culture.” He says that the culture we live in today can be an impediment to growth because we are often afraid to engage in a meaningful way.

Our Great Hope in Christ

Finally, Max closes with a discussion of concepts his generation would like the rest of us to know about them. He discusses the Gospel and the need to communicate boldly. Max wraps up this episode with our great hope in Jesus Christ.

“My generation wants to be heard and respected like everyone else does.”

Max Simmonds