Sharla Elton and the Amazing Story of Heritage Christian School
Sharla Elton discusses the amazing story of Heritage Christian School and God's faithfulness on Relentless Truth, a Christian podcast.
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Sharla Elton is the Superintendent of Heritage Christian School in Canton, Ohio. She has an MBA, and she has both served on the board and served in a leadership capacity at HCS for many years. She shares her personal story and the story of the miracles at HCS in this incredible episode. I’m not one to use that word, “miracle,” often, but God has blessed the faithfulness of His people at HCS!

Heritage Christian School in Canton, Ohio

Canton, Ohio is a nice town with nice people who appreciate community. This part of Ohio, and others, have some economic challenges, drug issues, and a struggling part of the community that probably flies under the radar for most of us.

I was awakened to the community served by Sharla and HCS five years ago when I visited Canton for the first time. I have worked with over 200 Christian schools, and I have traveled at my expense to meet them, see their campuses, and diagnose their financial challenges. I have learned to get a sense for the culture of a school rather quickly, and I typically also review the school’s financial history and a history of leadership and enrollment changes prior to my site visit.

God’s Faithfulness

HCS is special. The families represented, the students, the faculty, the staff, the leadership team, and the board are unlike those I encounter other places. Sharla and I discuss this and explain a series of events that prompt my use of the word, “miraculous.” God has blessed HCS after years of struggle that would have prompted most of us to quit.

You will be astounded at this story of God’s faithfulness in the lives of His people at HCS. Sharla tells the story well in this powerful conversation. Please contact me if you would like more information about Heritage Christian School after listening to their story. You will be blessed as you hear Sharla’s humble and clear stories of the turns in the road experienced by this school. May God continue to bless the students, families, faculty, staff, leadership, and board of Heritage Christian School!

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“God has blessed Heritage Christian School after years of struggle that would have prompted most of us to quit.”

John Warren