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Today on Relentless Truth, John continues in Colossians as the Apostle Paul discusses unity, false teaching and how to walk by faith.
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In this week’s episode, I discuss this back- to-school season. The classes I teach include U.S. Government Honors, Economics Honors, and Ethics Honors. I explain the unique education model utilized by Circle Christian School, and I talk about my philosophy as I approach these courses.

The University Model

The Circle Christian School model is incredibly effective for most students. The model allows students to focus their in-class experience utilizing “university” style scheduling. The school is accredited by Cognia, and we utilize Canvas and other tools to deliver an educational experience that is both unique and consistent with State of Florida’s standards. Many of the students have unique interests that are developed well in this model. The model allows students to focus on academics while efficiently utilizing their time as they pursue other interests.

Students from Circle play many Division One and Two sports in college. We presently have golfers, gymnasts, soccer players, track athletes, ice skaters, and others playing their sports in college. In my classes alone this year, there is a young lady who fences at a high level, a young man who is an accomplished archer, and a young man who is about to receive his pilot’s license among other students with interesting pursuits.

Culture and Relationships

I describe the culture and the relationships we enjoy, and the importance of Scripture in all that we do. I reference relationships with impressive families who love their children and see to it that they are educated well.

I urge all of us to focus on biblical truths during this potentially stressful time of year. I explain the culture of gratitude and love that is pervasive at Circle, and I discuss Paul’s instructions for us in Romans 12 as he discusses the way we are to utilize our gifts in community.

Finally, I urge Christian school leaders to contact me if they would like to learn more about the unique model employed at Circle Christian School. While the families here are unique in many respects, this model will transform the way Christian education is delivered throughout the U.S. In my work with my company, CFS Financial, I see the need for the radical transformation of Christian education in this country, and I believe the model employed at Circle Christian School can provide the solution for many of the current struggles experienced in this important industry.

My prayer is that this episode is encouraging to parents and students, and that it is encouraging to school leaders throughout the country.

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“My prayer is that this episode is encouraging to parents and students, and that it is encouraging to school leaders throughout the country.”

John Warren