Imitate Paul to Defeat Enemies
Today on Relentless Truth, John explains how Paul addresses one of the main issues in the church of Philippi; how to resolve conflict.
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The Gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord is straightforward. We explain this in this important episode. Paul commands us to have joy in the Lord. Then, he goes on to explain that we are to think like he thinks. In this section of Philippians, Paul is persuading the reader to “think this way.” This means that we are to adjust our thinking to Paul’s way of thinking. And Paul’s way of thinking is according to Scripture.


“Let those of us who are mature” assumes that some people are not mature. We must protect the essentials of the faith. Paul explains sanctification here. He explains the way Christians are to live.

Discern Truth and Error

The apostasy, or errant doctrine, of the Judaizers and others is called out in this section of Philippians. Paul sites himself as an example to follow in the midst of teachers who are enemies of the cross of Christ. It is our responsibility to discern truth and error. Paul goes on to describe false teachers. He describes them as being in ministry for what they can get out of it. Paul makes clear that is not the appropriate motivation for ministry.

Legalism and self-effort tell people how to live on this earth, but these philosophies don’t have an answer for death. Paul explains that our citizenship is in heaven. Paul looks forward to the return of our Savior as his motivation in sanctification.

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“We must protect the essentials of the faith.  Paul explains sanctification here.  He explains the way Christians are to live.”

John Warren