Don’t Live Like A Slave
John discusses the Federal Governments financial crisis on Relentless Truth, a Christian Podcast.

We discuss Romans 6 this week in our journey through Paul’s important letter to the church at Rome. How are we to live now that we are justified? Does our ongoing sin matter? What is the significance of God’s grace abounding for us? Paul addresses these important questions in this weighty chapter.

How Are We to Live

We have journeyed through our sins of immorality, our moralism, and our guilt before God. We have discussed the beauty of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the doctrine of justification. Paul continues a discussion on how we are to live in this section of the letter to Rome.

The Gospel, or good news of Jesus Christ, actually informs us on the way we are to live. God’s love for us in the person of Jesus Christ overwhelms us and changes our life. Our incorporation with Him is life changing! Paul talks about the fact that our “knowledge” is important. It changes the way we live. Knowing who God is and what He has done for His people alters the way we live!

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“Knowing who God is and what He has done for His people alters the way we live.”

John Warren