The Apostle Paul Shows His Humility
John discusses the Federal Governments financial crisis on Relentless Truth, a Christian Podcast.

We discuss Romans 7 this week in our journey through Paul’s important letter to the church at Rome. This particular chapter is a bit unusual and even challenging to understand.

Paul’s Heartfelt Love for the Church in Rome

Paul reveals his humanity in this chapter. He reveals his own struggles and his heartfelt love for the church in Rome. I find it encouraging to feel the battle or struggle that Paul discusses in this chapter.

Paul discusses the value of the law and the struggle that we experience with our sin. He seems to embrace the tension we experience in our sanctification or our walk by faith.


Were the good old days really so good? Paul talks about our liberation in this chapter. I compare our need for crowd control in our institutions with personally living life by a checklist. The unproductive, emptiness of living life solely with the goal being rule compliant is crippling. Paul explains that the commandment proved to be deceptive and deadly when he submitted to sin – when it characterized his life. We unpack this important teaching in this episode.

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“I do not understand my own actions.  For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate.”

Romans 7:15