The Power of God
Today on Relentless Truth, John discusses God's faithfulness in our personal life and how the body of Christ served us during that time.
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Our topic today is God’s power or omnipotence. Nothing is beyond God’s ability. All power is possessed by Him. This is the greatness of God. No one can exercise power over Him. God possesses all power. The little power that we have is delegated by God.

All Power

God isn’t just a bit more powerful than others. He has all power. Martin Luther said that the devil is God’s devil to carry out God’s purposes. God and Satan aren’t in a power struggle over who controls the universe. Satan’s power came from God.

Nothing is Hard for God

Nothing is hard for God. He can do anything as easily as He can do anything else. He doesn’t expend power that has to be replenished. He is truly all powerful.

An example of God’s power is seen clearly in the life of Jesus Christ. Some forty miracles are directly chronicled during His earthly ministry, and many others are referenced in general terms.

God’s power in infinite, invincible, inexhaustible, incomprehensible, and self-consistent. All of God’s attributes are in all of His other attributes, and He is one in essence. So, His power is full of grace, mercy, love, and so on.

The implications of this truth for us is that He can be trusted, relied upon, and is changeless. He keeps his promises with his creatures, and that should reduce our anxiety.

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“Nothing is beyond God’s ability.  All power is possessed by Him.  This is the greatness of God.”

John Warren