Philippians 2-Paul’s Argumentation
Today on Relentless Truth, John continues in Colossians as the Apostle Paul discusses unity, false teaching and how to walk by faith.
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I discuss the incredible argumentation of the Apostle Paul in Philippians 2 in this weighty episode. We pull the camera back and look at the big picture in this section of the letter today.

The Big Picture

Paul is not accused of a crime, but he’s on trial for being a witness to Jesus Christ. It is as if he is arrested and held for trial for being a witness to a crime of sorts. Paul is addressing issues in the church at Philippi. He writes about joy in this letter, but he is actually addressing disunity and anxiety, two things that plague us today, in the church.


We walk through this beautiful section of Philippians in a practical, helpful way. We can see our own society in the culture and challenges in the Philippian Church. Please enjoy the beautiful truths in this important episode of Relentless Truth.

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“I discuss Paul’s incredible argumentation in Philippians 2 today.  Paul is not accused of a crime, but he is on trial for being a witness to Jesus Christ.”

John Warren