The Patience of God
Today on Relentless Truth, John explains how Paul addresses one of the main issues in the church of Philippi; how to resolve conflict.
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God’s patience and longsuffering are thought of by some theologians as separate from His grace and mercy. We point out these distinctions today, but to ensure that we focus on the importance and beauty of these truths, we discuss God’s patience, longsuffering, grace, and mercy as part of God’s essence or substance or nature. We have done this with each of the attributes thus far, but thinking about God’s patience in the context of His grace and mercy is more evident to us in Scripture than perhaps some of the other attributes. As we have done with other attributes, we also consider the implications of the study of God’s patience for our own development of this trait. We look at both God’s patience and our own patience as we live in Christ by faith.

His Divine Patience

The patience of God is not written about in Scripture nearly as much as other attributes that are part of God’s essence. Patient or patience appears in the ESV about 35 times. The concept is referenced elsewhere in many ways, but the word is used sparingly. You will recall from your study of Scripture that this attribute of God is often referenced with the words “He is slow to anger.”

Slow to Anger

In fact, many of the theologians who write about the attributes of God omit God’s patience altogether. They seem to consider God’s longsuffering to be part of other attributes. God’s righteousness, wisdom, omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence, love, grace, mercy, and holiness are much more popular among theologians than patience and longsuffering.

The beauty of the character, essence, and nature of God becomes clear as we contemplate His divine Patience. He truly is slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love.

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“We look at both God’s patience and our own patience as we live in Christ by faith.”

John Warren