Why Do We Lie?
Today, on Relentless Truth, Dr. Colette House shares the story of Aurora Christian School's amazing story of becoming debt free.
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Lying is not a topic we are comfortable discussing. I ask my students to raise their hands in class if they have ever lied, and year after year, every student raises their hand at that awkward moment. These students understand the implications of the fall of man. They understand that Paul is right when he says that there is none that is righteous. And yet, as adults we don’t talk about lying, and we often live in denial.

Our Culture Embraces Untruths

Our Congress and other politicians don’t seem to understand this, and our culture embraces untruths on every level. It is expected in our society that advertisers, salespeople, politicians and others are lying with impunity. We have elevated “self” to a level that is harmful, and we treat those who don’t embrace this culture with hostility.

Desire to Control

I talk about the sin of self-reliance in this episode. It is at the core of all of our sin. This is a desire to control, and it manifests as resistance to God and a desire to place man over God. Transgenderism and so many of our other challenges are a denial of God at their core.

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“The sin of self-reliance is at the core of all of our sin.”

John Warren