Justification- What Is It, and Why Does It Matter?
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Romans 3 is my favorite chapter in all of Scripture, and Romans is my favorite book in all of Scripture. Paul charges us with fourteen counts of sin using judicially strategic language.  And then, he pivots to our great hope in Jesus Christ in the section we are reviewing today!

Our study of chapter 3 of Romans today addresses the life-changing truth that impacted my life about 25 years ago, and these truths continue to impact my perspective today. They are foundational to a clear understanding of many other doctrines. Justification by faith, the actual details of this doctrine, will explain our sin, our redemption, and the life we are to live if clearly understood.

Our Great Hope in Jesus Christ

One of the most encouraging experiences I have every year in my teaching is to have students grasp the teaching in Romans 3. The counterfeit doctrines we have been taught and have even codified in our churches are confounding Christians and causing defeat and even depression in the church. Students are amazed when they see the beauty of the implications of justification by faith in this section of Romans. Many of them conclude that “this makes so much more sense,” when they see doctrines of justification clearly.

God’s Character, Man’s Condition, and The Way God Relates to Man Through Jesus Christ

Paul continues to use legal and strategic language in this section, and I explain the courtroom scene that he describes in this episode. I seek to answer questions about God’s character, man’s condition, and the way God relates to man through Jesus Christ. My hope is that this episode will encourage Christians and appeal to those who are skeptics as we take a look at the finished work of Jesus Christ and its implications for mankind.

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“Justification by faith, the actual details of this doctrine, will explain our sin, our redemption, and the life we are to live if clearly understood.”

John Warren