Romans 10-11 Justification by Faith Explained Further
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We continue to walk through Romans in this episode of Relentless Truth. In our previous episode, we talked about the sovereignty of God in everything. In chapter 10, Paul talks about mankind’s responsibilities.

Paul is saying that man makes choices. We don’t work for salvation, but we do engage in accepting the free gift of salvation. Justification by faith involves man’s will, and Paul makes this clear in this chapter.

Faith Informed by Reason

Scripture informs or grows our faith. Faith and reason aren’t opposed. They aren’t opposites. Our faith is informed by reason. We have the responsibility to study the Bible. Paul makes it clear that we are to grow in our faith by studying Scripture. Period. There is no shortcut. There are helpful tools and books and videos and sermons, but there is no substitute for personal study of God’s Word.

Heart-Hardening Implications of Sin

Paul goes on in chapter 11 to discuss the remnant of Israel. He continues to talk about man’s responsibility and the heart-hardening implications of our sin. He explains that our belief matters. Our response to the Gospel of Jesus Christ is important. Our personal responsibility works beautifully with God’s sovereignty. We can’t fully comprehend this, but we believe it to be true, nonetheless.

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“Scripture informs or grows our faith.  Faith and reason are not opposed.  Our faith is informed by our reason.”

John Warren