The Grace of God
Today on Relentless Truth, John discusses God's faithfulness in our personal life and how the body of Christ served us during that time.
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The grace of God is our topic this week as we continue our discussion of the attributes of God.

Many professing evangelical Christians do not understand the grace of God. They are comfortable with church talk and involvement, but they truly don’t have any idea what the grace of God is and what Scripture teaches about this grace. Many have lived with these flawed understanding for so long that they consider the topic beyond them. They might give lip service to grace, but the really don’t understand it or care to learn about it.

What is the Grace of God?

Grace is the sole source from which flow the goodwill, love, and salvation of God to His people. Grace and Mercy are not the same attributes. God’s mercy is the withholding of punishment or consequences, whereas grace is his favor. Grace is the absolute and eternal free favor of God. It is manifested in the gift of spiritual and eternal blessings to the guilty and unworthy.

How Does God Lavish His Grace?

God lavishes His grace on those who have no merit in themselves, and no compensation is demanded from His people. Further, God lavishes His grace on those who are not deserving of this grace – in fact, they/we are deserving of hell. We have done nothing positive on our own to merit this grace. It is unmerited and isn’t attracted by anything in us. It is a free gift.


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“Grace is the sole source from which flow the goodwill, love, and salvation of God to his people.”

John Warren