The Amazing Story of God’s Grace and Aurora Christian School
Today on Relentless Truth John discusses Philippians 3. Paul is teaching theology, doctrine, argumentation and apologetics, but he also teaches how to correct in love and grace.
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My guest today is Dr. Collette House. She is the Superintendent of Aurora Christian Schools in Aurora, Illinois.

The Story

My experience with Aurora Christian began twelve years ago during a financial crisis they were experiencing. I have had the joy of working with this school to help them through the ups and downs over the years, and by God’s grace, they are now debt free.

Because so few stories end this way, and because God’s grace is so clear to ACS over the years, I invited Collette to share the ACS story with the Relentless Truth audience. She humbly discusses God’s amazing provision for this school in this episode.

I’m grateful for the many heroes of the story at ACS, and their story, by God’s grace, is not done. They are thriving, and it is a blessing to know many of their leaders. They have persevered through challenges, built a strong Christian school for God’s glory, and have faithfully advanced the gospel over many years.

God’s faithfulness works with our vigilance for His glory, and that is the story of Aurora Christian Schools!

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Dr. Colette House shares the story of Aurora Christian School’s amazing story of becoming debt free.