The Story of God’s Faithfulness in My Life
John discusses the Federal Governments financial crisis on Relentless Truth, a Christian Podcast.

Today’s episode is about the story of my life. It is actually a story of God’s faithfulness and pursuit of me, a sinner in dire need of grace.

I Arranged My Life to be All About Me

For years I lived with doubts and fears, and I arranged my life to be all about me. It was about my pleasure, my accumulation of wealth, my career ambitions, and otherwise a bunch of selfishness. Thankfully, God brought people into my life who are committed to theology and people. He pursued me while I continued my best efforts to be self-reliant.

The Sufficiency of The Gospel of Jesus Christ

This episode is about the power of God and the sufficiency of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Interestingly, my self-sufficiency was not sufficient at all. I was a miserable, empty, pathetic excuse for a human. God’s justice and grace aren’t compromised in His pursuit of us because of Jesus Christ.

My wife’s faithfulness to love and pray for me is a rich blessing, and I’m grateful for a daughter who completes our family beautifully.

Please listen carefully to the truth I share in this episode. God’s faithfulness is the theme of my life, and I want to share this story with you because of its potential to impact others.

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“Today’s episode is about the story of my life.  It is actually a story of God’s faithfulness and pursuit of me, a sinner in dire need of grace.”

John Warren