Lesson’s Learned From My Wife’s Surgery
Today on Relentless Truth, John continues in Colossians as the Apostle Paul discusses unity, false teaching and how to walk by faith.
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Today’s episode is an unusual episode because it is about God’s faithfulness in our personal lives. My hope is that this episode will be encouraging to you. My wife has just had knee replacement surgery after years of struggling with pain and limitations.

God’s Tender Mercies

We saw God’s tender mercies in so many aspects of this surgery. From the surgery experience to the fact that she didn’t experience significant pain of any sort, God was gracious and tender. Her progress through the first few physical therapy appointments has been amazing. God has truly blessed us abundantly throughout every aspect of this process.

My opportunities to serve her have been a blessing as well. I have been richly blessed with the opportunity to serve my wife in ways that I hadn’t thought of as significant before.

The Body of Christ Provides Comfort

Other lessons learned include the fact these significant struggles give us opportunities to serve others in ways that are truly impactful. In this episode, I recall several instances wherein friends stepped up and graciously served us and met our needs. I hadn’t ever truly considered the impact of these kind gestures. I’m truly struck by the value of kind gestures during the struggles of life. In this episode, I discuss Romans 12 and our instructions for living in community.

Another valuable lesson I have learned is the difficulty of being a patient who is dealing with major surgery. We too often assume everything is okay when it isn’t. These are difficult situations. Life is sometimes hard, and we have the opportunity to bless people richly during the hard times. We should bless them, even in small ways, in spite of their telling us all is well. Both the caregiver and the patient are likely struggling and exhausted.

The body of Christ provides comfort through the fear and challenges of these weighty life events. I hope this episode prompts all of us to recognize opportunities to serve people who are vulnerable. These opportunities are hidden in plain sight in a sense. If we look around, they are easy to find. These are wonderful opportunities to live impactful lives as we follow Christ and imitate Him.

People are struggling and suffering. We are all in need of love from each other. My prayer is that this personal episode will encourage us to live lives that are gracious, giving, and loving, and that we outdo each other in showing kindness as Paul instructs us in Romans 12.

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“This episode is an unusual one because it is about God’s faithfulness in our personal life.”

John Warren