Come to the End of Yourself
Today on Relentless Truth John discusses Philippians 3. Paul is teaching theology, doctrine, argumentation and apologetics, but he also teaches how to correct in love and grace.
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There is a biblical issue that we all must address. We must come to the end of ourselves. The implications of our sin, and God’s wrath, are realities we must come to grips with.

We tend to live a sort of double life. We have lives as Christian, and then we sometimes live a double life of sin. We often seem afraid to acknowledge the implications of the fall.

Lessons Learned From Life

I discuss the implications of the Covid-19 pandemic in this episode. From learning to use Zoom, to toilet paper shortages, and other lifestyle modifications, we were jolted by the pandemic. Our spending patterns seem to have changed, and we seem to have learned to appreciate life a bit more.

For families facing the challenge of taking students to college, I tell the story of dropping off our daughter at Florida State University a few years ago. We tend to give them advice that they already know with increasing intensity because we are fearful that we haven’t prepared them well for this next phase of their lives. They know all of the advice we can give them. They need to hear again and again how much we love them.

I talk about lessons I have learned in the classroom in this episode. There is much to learn from high school 11th and 12th graders. I have learned that “Facebook is for old people.” I have learned that “fly, rad, lit, cool, and dope” do not have the same meaning. I have even learned that I’m a dork, but students tell me that dorks are popular now. Young people in this generation give me hope for our future. They seem to understand the absolute truth of Scripture well. They are serious about living life well and according to Scripture. They care about their worldview and work hard to apply their theology to every discipline they encounter.

How God Relates to Man

I discuss who God is, who man is, and how God relates to man. I explain the notion of coming to the end of ourselves in the context of who God is, how He made us, and His purpose for us. This is only possible through the study of Scripture.

I explain how a righteous God, who knows we are unrighteous, declare us to be righteous without compromising His own righteousness. This is the real problem of evil. This is answered in Romans among other places in Scripture.

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“We must come to the end of ourselves.  The implications of our sin, and God’s wrath, are realities we must come to grips with.”

John Warren