Forgetting and Focusing
Today on Relentless Truth, John explains how Paul addresses one of the main issues in the church of Philippi; how to resolve conflict.
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Paul wisely tells us to forget what is behind and focus on what lies ahead. He has just completed a list of his credentials as a Pharisee. Imagine the guilt he experienced. He had persecuted true believers, and then he became one.

Regrets and Guilt

Regrets and guilt are useful to us as we humbly submit to our Lord Jesus Christ. But they can cause us to struggle with anxiety and despair as we live the Christian life. This is one of my personal struggles. Regrets can deny the providential hand of God and the good he intends to work in our lives.

Regrets in God’s Economy

Regrets paralyze us and often aren’t oriented toward God. They are oriented toward ourselves. There is no place for God in the economy of regret. Regrets can be our mortal fantasy about not needing a savior.

Our burden is light because His was heavier than we can imagine. We are to accept and rely on the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ. We explore these beautiful truths in this episode.

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“Paul wisely tells us to forget what is behind and focus on what lies ahead.”

John Warren