The Faithfulness of God
Today, on Relentless Truth, Dr. Colette House shares the story of Aurora Christian School's amazing story of becoming debt free.
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We are not faithful as sinners. Even our churches today are not faithful to Scripture. We don’t connect truth, absolute truth, and faithfulness in our culture today. There is only one who is faithful. We are unfaithful.

God’s Faithfulness

God’s faithfulness is something we talk about when we have a challenge where we think we have an acute or at least significant need. Isn’t this something we say to each other when we share stories of calamity,” God is faithful” or “God will be faithful.” God is faithful in all things at all times. He is faithful regardless of our circumstances. He is faithful to Himself, to His character, to all of the traits we are studying that comprise His essence. He is faithful to truth. He is faithful to His nature. He is completely reliable 100% of the time. He has never had an unfaithful moment, thought, or action of any sort. When we sing, “Great is Thy Faithfulness”, we should shout it. It is greater than we can imagine.

Faithful to Himself

I discuss these truths in today’s episode of Relentless Truth:

-God is trustworthy or faithful to Himself – his essence, attributes; therefore, His promises can be relied upon. He is, therefore, steady and stable.

-God is trustworthy or faithful to truth or reality, and He is immutable as such.

-The word faithful means loyal, steadfast, true to the facts; true to one’s word; constant.

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“God is faithful in all things at all times.”

John Warren