Encouragement for YOU!
John discusses the Federal Governments financial crisis on Relentless Truth, a Christian Podcast.

This episode is intended to encourage you as you live this life walking by faith.


 I begin with the story of Schroeddie, the cat. And what a story it is. She zooms, she scratches, she hides, and does other cat things. I’m learning more about cats every day.

I talk about lessons from Hurricane Ian in this episode and the time to think that these storms can provide. In a strange way, this was a comforting time wherein I had time to think about Scripture and encouragement.


Scripture discusses suffering and the God’s purposes in allowing us to suffer. But God is a joy imparting God. There is tension in this life to be certain, but the God of Abraham is our God!

In our struggle against sin, we can be encouraged by Jesus Christ. God is treating us as His children when we are disciplined. This glorious promise should encourage us – even when we face adversity, or especially when we face adversity.

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“This episode is intended to encourage you as you live this life walking by faith.”

John Warren