The Ideal Presidential Candidate
Today on Relentless Truth, John explains how Paul addresses one of the main issues in the church of Philippi; how to resolve conflict.
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My topic today is the upcoming Presidential election in the U.S. The election season seems to lengthen every four years as the Presidential election rolls around. In this episode, I discuss the ideal candidate for President from a position standpoint.

Positions of the Ideal Candidate

The list of positions the ideal candidate should have includes taxes. Art Laffer provides insight into an appropriate tax strategy. He proports that reducing tax rates to some optimal level would increase total tax revenue by growing the economy. I outline specific marginal tax brackets by tax type in this episode.

The list also includes energy independence. I believe we can achieve energy independence while protecting the environment. I believe the ideal candidate for President should advocate for the clean advancement of gas and oil along with nuclear power. The narrative of the equity environmentalists is not rational. Wind, solar, and other alternative power sources are not yet developed to the extent that they are fiscally viable. I want our next President to address this topic candidly and wisely.

The third item on my list is balancing the federal budget. The lack of courage among members of Congress and previous administrations is deeply concerning. In this episode, I walk through the absurdity of our deficit spending and irresponsible increases to our out-of-control national debt. I believe our next President should advocate for a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Another item on the list is immigration. Our next President should address the “Dreamers,” and should modify our immigration policies. Control of our boarder and allowing a path to citizenship for immigrants who are law-abiding and have been here for many years make sense to me. Denial of the problem, taking undue risks by failing to control our boarder, is immoral. Our next President should be strongly in favor of overhauling our immigration system.

The fifth position I discuss in this episode is modernizing the military. We can hold onto traditional values while updating our military from a technology and capability standpoint.

Finally, I want our next President to advocate for sound monetary policy. The printing of money by the Treasury has fed inflation, and our next President is going to have to have the resolve needed to limit the role of government in the economy. Other Relentless Truth episodes have addressed this topic, but this is an important philosophical position that should be held by our next President.

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“The election season seems to lengthen every four years as the Presidential election rolls around.”

John Warren