The Real State of the Economy
Today on Relentless Truth, John explains how Paul addresses one of the main issues in the church of Philippi; how to resolve conflict.
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Our discussion on Relentless Truth today is focused on the real state of the union in the United States. President Biden recently delivered the required state of the union address to Congress. This President clearly believes that government is designed to solve all of our problems. His speech naively focused on ways that government can and should intervene in the economy. This administration sees government’s purpose or objective to fix things for us.

The Invisible Hand of the Market

I explain Adam Smith’s “invisible hand of the market” in this important, sobering episode. Price equilibrium is a concept that every American should understand and embrace. Our freedom, our market freedom allows us to trust the market to self-correct.

The most egregious, the most frightening of proposals referenced by President Biden in his speech was price controls. We should have learned lessons from Jimmy Carter’s administration. The economy struggled during his effort to manipulate markets by fixing prices. We explain, in this powerful episode, how the other variables, specifically demand and supply, react when prices are manipulated by government.

Price Controls

This economy is on the verge of correction. Inflation remains a problem across many sectors of the economy. This episode explains the connection between political aspirations and the reality of the economy.

Our great hope is in our savior – our Lord Jesus Christ. We can rest and trust in Him. The point of this episode is to awaken us to the need to brace for economic impact based on the truth that our economy is on the verge of correction.

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“This episode explains the connection between political aspirations and the reality of the economy.”

John Warren