Current Issues and Their Impact
Today on Relentless Truth, John discusses God's faithfulness in our personal life and how the body of Christ served us during that time.
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I discuss current events in this impactful issue of Relentless Truth. The first is the prosecution of former President of the United State, Donald Trump. Our divided Nation sees the appropriate course of action differently. Some say Trump should be held accountable just like any other citizen, and others say he is being targeted by politically motivated prosecutors. We consider the politicization of justice in this episode.

Current Events

I also discuss the war in Ukraine in this episode. Russia’s ruthless aggression in violation of the sovereignty of Ukraine is jolting for all of us to watch. I review the tension caused by the U.S. and China appearing to take opposite sides in this conflict.

A discussion of current issues wouldn’t be complete without addressing the U.S. budget deficit and national debt. We have reached $32 trillion in debt, and we have at least $50 trillion in unfunded commitments. I address our recent efforts to stimulate the economy during the Covid-19 period.

We outsource child labor to China. We look the other way because we like low prices on goods. When we buy Chinese goods, and we do so often, we are blindly supporting human rights abuses that would be unthinkable in the U.S. We also appear to be blindly offering student visas to many Chinese students while their nation limits our access to their country. In short, our relationship with China appears to me to be one-sided and threatening to our economy and security.

We seem today to embrace being “woke” over our safety and security. And we certainly, for reasons that escape me, seem to want to avoid addressing the U.S. budget deficit. I advocate for a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution in this episode. As politically challenging as this would be, it has become essential to our fiscal viability.

I also discuss our crime problem in this episode. The depravity of man is clear to all of us. I discuss our criminal justice system and the need to reform it. The either-or debate we seem to have on this issue isn’t nuanced enough. I explain the Bible’s explanation of depravity and government as it relates to our criminal justice system.

Asset Repricing

I close with an update on the asset repricing that is going on in our economy. Home and auto sales are beginning to slow due, in some part, to rising interest rates. Our economy is transitioning, and asset values are beginning to adjust to reflect the impact of higher interest rates.

What can we do? Our response to all of this volatility should be to both trust God and get involved. Government functions by the consent of the governed, and it is important for us to engage. Our Country remains the greatest in the world. Our economy is the greatest in the world. But we must hold our elected officials accountable to make good decisions that are in our best interest.

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“We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

Benjamin Franklin