Critical Race Theory-Part 2
John discusses the Federal Governments financial crisis on Relentless Truth, a Christian Podcast.

After over six months of weekly episodes, we are diving into the deep end today to talk about Critical Race Theory. We discuss an overview of its underlying philosophy, its assumptions, and its aspirations.

We explain the philosophy of Karl Marx and his view of the oppressed versus the oppressor. We look at socialism and communism in the context of CRT, and we contrast this ideology with biblical Christianity.

In this second episode on CRT, I discuss BLM and their agenda. I address whether Christians should support this organization and if we should support CRT ideology. We cover some challenging truth in this episode of Relentless Truth. 

Black Lives Matter and Their Agenda

The underlying challenge in many discussions of this topic is the definition of terms and the underlying assumptions. The CR Theorist believes that the oppressor is incapable of important clearly seeing the institutional oppression in the world. We refute this claim in this episode.

Equity, Equality, and Hegemony

We define terms like “intersectionality,” “equity,” “equality,” and “hegemony.” We explain that the assumption that we are in a post-truth world underlies Critical Race Theory. This big idea is important to understand as we attempt to carve out the appropriate response to those who embrace this heretical view.

Finally, we explain some of the nuance of racial biases. We discuss loving our neighbor in a complex world, and we are also candid about the threats to family that are inherent in CRT and Marxist ideology. We explain that we are one race, and we all share in a problem – a sin problem that damns us without the finished work of Jesus Christ. 

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“Should Christians support BLM and CRT?”

John Warren