Pastor Charlie Parish and Transgenderism
Charlie and John discuss transgenderism and rebellion against God's design on Relentless Truth.
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Pastor Charlie Parish talks about the challenging topic of transgenderism in our culture today. We start with the creation account in Genesis. Charlie discussed God’s created order and the fact that we “don’t get to change that order.” God has revealed himself or displays himself in creation, and yet, man rebels against God’s design.

Rebellion Against God’s Order

Transgenderism is rebellion against God’s order. Charlie discusses the reasons for our society embracing transgenderism – even those who rejected it just a few years ago. He explains postmodernism and their claim that truth is just a social construct.

Charlie explains that we are living with the implications of our sin. God hardens our hearts when we continue in sin, and that’s what we are doing in our culture today. He explains that we don’t like what God has done in our flesh.


We address the issue of bigotry in this episode. Is it unloving to state that transgenderism is evil? On the contrary, failure to proclaim truth is unloving. Paul lists a series of sins in 1 Corinthians 6 making clear the fact that sexual sin is not to be treated lightly.

Charlie also explains the beautiful doctrines of repentance and forgiveness in this episode. Our great hope in Christ is comforting in a world that rejects God. Charlie provides pastorally helpful advice as we love our neighbors as ourselves in a complex world that rejects truth.

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“God has revealed himself or displays himself in creation, and yet, man rebels against God’s design.”

Pastor Charlie Parish