COVID-19 An Overview
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In this episode, my personal medical expert, nurse (and wife), Connie Warren shares an overview on the pandemic.

We discuss viruses from a user-friendly but technical standpoint. There are only three types of viruses, and COVID-19 is an adenovirus. This group of viruses includes the common cold and the flu.

COVID-19 Transmission Myths

Connie explains virus transmission and dispels some of the misinformation that has been shared over the past couple of years regarding the ways COVID-19 is transmitted. She explains that we don’t transmit most viruses via surfaces or mail or gas pumps or other objects.

COVID-19 is a SARs virus. It can certainly be a severe virus as it attacks the respiratory system. We contract this class of virus through the airways. It can manifest with gastrointestinal symptoms, but it is an airborne, respiratory virus.

We even discuss handshaking and transmission through the mouth and even the eyes. Connie explains the efficacy of masks and the correct masks to wear along with the proper types of masks to wear.

Natural Immunity and Vaccines

Connie explains natural immunity, and she explains the mRNA vaccinations. This episode will educate the listener and alleviate some of the mystery that has fueled the fears of many of us for the past two years.

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“In this episode, my personal medical expert, nurse (and wife), Connie shares an overview on the pandemic.”

John Warren