What is Happening to Christian Education
Today on Relentless Truth, John explains how Paul addresses one of the main issues in the church of Philippi; how to resolve conflict.
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In this episode we discuss the current state of Christian education. I tell the story of the creation of my firm, CFS Financial, and the work I do with Christian schools all over the U.S.

This episode begins with the story of Aurora Christian School and my work with that school that began ten years ago. This work led to my introduction to other schools as well as The Association of Christian Schools International. During this period, I learned about the common struggles, financial and otherwise, that impact this industry and became a trusted partner with ACSI.

Common Struggles

I eventually wrote a book called The Financial Rescue Plan for Nonprofits. This book explains the common threads that I have found in many Christian schools. Those threads include real estate financing challenges, governance issues, strategic challenges, and financial management challenges.

Due to the challenges in Christian education that range from our culture’s decline, management challenges, and changes in the banking industry, my work with Christian schools is thriving. I explain the common challenges and describe the state of Christian education in this important episode. The pandemic appears to have caused parents to consider alternative education delivery channels. The information in this episode will be helpful and informative to both parents and educators.

I speak to several current issues in this episode that are critical to efficient and effective delivery of education for our students. Block scheduling allows the efficient use of time in many school cultures. I explain this strategy in this episode of Relentless Truth. I also describe the tension between quality and viability, and I advocate for modification of the course schedule to modernize the delivery of Christian education to meet the needs of parents and their students more effectively. This modification allows Christian schools to appeal to and interface with the growing homeschool community among others.

Value Proposition

I explain value proposition as a key concept in this episode. Value proposition is a more modern way to describe the mission of an organization. To understand value proposition clearly, an organization’s leaders must know the internal and external environment, and they must understand why consumers, in this case parents and students, are choosing to spend their time and money with the organization.

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“I explain the common challenges and describe the state of Christian education in this episode.”

John Warren