Children’s Lives Matter
John discusses the Federal Governments financial crisis on Relentless Truth, a Christian Podcast.

In this episode I discuss the challenging topic of children in America. We say that we value our children, but we often treat them like they aren’t a priority to us.

Evidence of our neglect or failure to prioritize our children is our accumulation of debt as a nation. We are leaving them in an almost insolvent position as young adults because we have failed to address the challenging issues associated with balancing our government’s budget.

The Critical Parenting Years

I discuss the critical parenting years – late high school through young adulthood. Students, young people in the high school to young adult years struggle, almost universally, with confidence. We sometimes, as well-intended parents, check out of our parenting responsibilities during this age. The balancing act here is between giving them space and responsibility and supporting them with guidance and some accountability.

Diagnosed to Death

We also have diagnosed this generation to death. While there are certainly illnesses and disorders that should be properly diagnosed, we tend to label tendencies and personality types as if they are immutable. We have a tendency to label people and unintentionally reinforce their weaknesses. In doing so, we can cause them to lose hope in a sense.

I discuss the fact that we sometimes struggle to manage our expectations for our young people. We tend to either push too hard or ignore, and neither of those inartful approaches are productive. Instead, we should embrace the tension, be mindful of the implications of the fall of man, and rest in who God is.

Our young people are starved for challenges and to be loved. My hope is that parents and young people alike will be encouraged and challenged in this episode of Relentless Truth.

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“We say that we value our children, but we often treat them like they aren’t a priority.”

John Warren