A Conversation with Charlie Parish
Charlie and John discuss transgenderism and rebellion against God's design on Relentless Truth.

Charlie Parish is one of those friends I don’t deserve. He’s a Pastor, theologian, and Christ follower. Every encounter with him is uplifting and educational.

He tells his story in this powerful conversation. The story is one that is shared in some respects by many, and it is also unique.

Concerns for the Church

Charlie explains his concerns for the church and explains what it really means to have a high view of God. The implications of the information he shares in this episode are most important.

Challenging Topics

We discuss some challenging topics in this conversation including doctrine, theology, complementarianism, the gospel, and more.

Charlie explains his call to Foothills Community Church in Marble Hill, Georgia. He explains the amazing congregation there and their migration to a biblical model of governance. I describe the beauty of our visit to this church almost two years ago at the outset of the pandemic, and we talk about the culture, the love and grace, of Chip Doster and others in this congregation.

You will be blessed by the beautiful truth discussed in this important episode of Relentless Truth. Thank you for supporting the podcast. Please share it with your friends!

“Charlie Parish is one of those friends I don’t deserve.  Every encounter with him is uplifting and educational.”

John Warren