Pastor Charlie Parish Discusses the Character of God
Charlie and John discuss transgenderism and rebellion against God's design on Relentless Truth.
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My guest this week is Pastor Charlie Parish. He is the Lead Pastor at Foothills Community Church in Marble Hill, Georgia. Charlie is a good friend, and he has been my guest on many episodes of Relentless Truth offering insights that are pastorally and theologically beautiful.

The Character and Attributes of God

In this episode, we discuss the character and attributes of God. Charlie explains God’s righteousness, holiness, transcendence, wrath, love, eternality, immanence, grace, and mercy in this important conversation. He explains the importance of Scripture as our foundation for truth, and he says that we can’t really know God unless we get to know Him through reading His Word.

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“We can’t really know God unless we get to know Him through reading His Word.”

Charlie Parish