A Conversation with Lauren McElrath
Lauren McElrath on Relentless Truth with John Warren


In this week’s episode I talk to Lauren McElrath. Lauren is a college freshman, and she shares her perspective on her parents, her Christian faith, and her plans for the future.

1989 in Panama

Lauren discusses her dad’s accident in Panama in 1989 where he served as an Army Ranger. She describes his service and his zeal for life today.

Lauren explains the impact of technology on her generation. She explains that influencers on the internet are promoting socialism. She talks about her upbringing and the fact that her parents answered her questions on important topics during her formative years.

Bullying and Cancel Culture

Lauren talks about socialism, education, and her grounding in the truths of Scripture. She describes the fact that Biblical truth informs every aspect of her life. Lauren describes the point in her life wherein her faith in God became her own.

We discuss the “obvious” questions about theology that aren’t so obvious, and we talk about the need to resolve those questions.

Lauren talks about online bullying and cancelling. She explains that this is now accepted in a sense and she explains the impact that this has on her peers.

You will enjoy getting to know this amazing young lady, and your confidence in her generation will grow as you get to know her in this important conversation.

“My dad broke his back as an Army Ranger….from a fall of about 500 feet in Panama.”

Lauren McElrath