A Conversation With Bill Stroup
On Relentless Truth with John Warren, John interviews his friend of 40 years, Bill Stroup.

This episode is among my fondest to present to the Relentless Truth audience. Bill Stroup is a friend whose friendship I have enjoyed for over 40 years. His character, knowledge, love for God, and love for his family make him truly exceptional, and you will enjoy getting to know him in this thorough conversation.

Bill’s Conversion to Christ and Struggles With Assurance

We discuss Bill’s conversion to Christ years ago including his struggles with assurance for many years. This is a struggle that is common to many of my guests in recent weeks, and Bill’s struggles mirror my own in many respects. You will find Bill’s story humorous, real, and candid.

Missionaries to Japan

You will be encouraged by Bill’s story. He married his sweetheart from a young age, Lil, and they became missionaries to Japan. Bill describes the challenges they experienced and God’s clear hand in their lives over many years of ministry.

Bill also explains Lil’s struggle with cancer including a recent recurrence. In telling this story, Bill discusses profound truths that provide his family with comfort during these trials. Bill’s description of this season of life will encourage and inspire those facing similar challenges.

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“I have enjoyed Bill’s friendship for over 40 years.  His character, knowledge, love for God, and love for his family make him truly exceptional.”

John Warren