My Conversation with Bill Mitchell
Today on Relentless Truth John discusses Philippians 3. Paul is teaching theology, doctrine, argumentation and apologetics, but he also teaches how to correct in love and grace.
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My guest today is Bill Mitchell. He is the host of Your Voice America. Bill is a leading voice on social media on U.S. politics.

Our Country, The Political Environment, and The Republican Primary

Bill became involved in the political scene back when President Trump announced his first candidacy for President in 2014. MIT has ranked Bill as the most influential grass-roots person on social media addressing politics. He is a powerful voice, and he shares his thoughts on our country, the political environment, the Republican primary, and other timely issues.

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“My guest today is Bill Mitchell.  He is the host of Your Voice America and is a leading voice on social media on U.S. politics.”

John Warren