A Conversation with Russell Berger
Russell Berger on Relentless Truth Podcast with John Warren

Russell Berger, the host of the Defend and Confirm Podcast, is featured in this week’s episode of Relentless Truth. Russell, his wife Katherine, and their family, are featured in The American Gospel Film Series.

Former Senior Executive with CrossFit, Inc.

Russell is a former senior executive with CrossFit, Inc. His wife, Katherine, has a rare genetic disorder that affects her connective tissues, her autonomic nervous system, and multiple organ systems in her body. Russell is the primary caregiver for Katherine, and her needs for care have increased in recent years and months as her health challenges have increased. The family has a Go Fund Me page titled Katherine’s Transplant Fund.

Russell tells his story in this episode, and we discuss his family, his life, and his love for our Lord. Russell points to Jesus Christ and God’s sustaining work in his family as we talk through important topics in this weighty conversation.

American Gospel TV

Russell explains that he is involved with AGTV (American Gospel TV), and he discusses his podcast, Defend and Confirm. He tells the story of his being “cancelled” for taking a principled stand for truth and his subsequent termination from CrossFit.

In this powerful episode, Russell explains the centricity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He explains God’s faithfulness to his family as he describes raising his children while caring for his wife through her incredibly challenging health issues.

“Through reading the Word, I came to believe this is true.”

Russell Berger