“My organization is struggling to achieve long term financial sustainability and I can’t seem to find the resources I need to solve our challenges.”

This sentiment is expressed to me by the leader of an organization at least weekly.  Sometimes years of struggling to balance a budget with declines in revenue and pressure from creditors precede this assessment.  Often, in today’s environment, the assessment above is accompanied by the comment, “it feels like we are doing reasonably well but we aren’t building dependable financial strength for the future.”

The leaders who reach this conclusion are typically smart, savvy, experienced leaders, and they have looked to their board, management team, and professional expertise from attorneys, accountants and other advisors to achieve their financial aspirations. 

The cascading of challenging events, which often include declines in revenue, challenges in managing expenses, and deterioration in quality, can create a crisis management mindset that results in a decline in the culture of the organization.  Humans sometimes respond badly under stress, and leaders and board members are vulnerable to doing so as culture begins to deteriorate under the weight of the pressures of financial strain.

The solution to these challenges can be elusive, but we too often over-complicate our efforts to address financial sustainability.  The first barrier to overcome is often denial. Denying that the problem is present is rarely an issue, but understanding that a well-intended solution is not viable can be challenging to process. 

Financial Services

There are productive steps that every organization seeking financial sustainability can embrace. We have a proven track record of crafting and implementing these solutions for businesses ranging from small to large across diverse industries in the for profit and nonprofit sectors.

Our company offers a “financial physical” utilizing our years of commercial banking experience.  We balance that experience with our heartfelt desire to glorify God by serving you and your organization well.  We can quickly provide an evaluation of your organization’s financial sustainability along with recommended courses of action that will facilitate the accomplishment of your long-term objectives.  The comprehensive approach that we utilize will view your financial condition in its entirety, and the solutions will be presented to you in an actionable format.  

Our primary areas of practice expertise are debt restructuring, debt negotiation, refinancing, financing new projects, financial management, governance, strategic planning, fundraising (both short term and development), and banking relationship management. We don’t simply create a report and wait for you to execute our strategies. We work with you and your team through the execution of the strategies we recommend.

Financial Strategy

Finally, we work with many of our clients to develop a real, living, breathing, specific, measurable strategic plan.  We focus on pragmatic planning with actionable strategies and tactics along with measurement and accountability systems to support the plan’s implementation.

We humbly believe that our experience and genuine passion for God-honoring excellence will be accretive to your organization. Please contact us to start a conversation.

-John Warren

“We humbly believe that our experience and genuine passion for God-honoring excellence will be accretive to your organization.”

John Warren

We employ a distinctly Christian perspective in the work that we do with both nonprofit and for-profit companies.

CFS Financial practices Biblical stewardship, and we work hard to ensure that we build mutually beneficial relationships. We welcome your contact to explore our capabilities.


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