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The Financial Rescue Plan For Nonprofits by John Warren
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The Financial Rescue Plan for Nonprofits

by John Warren

Author, successful banker and founder of CFS Financial, John R. Warren, offers a Plan to Rescue struggling organizations from the throes of financial defeat. By focusing on excellence and the simplicity of effective financial management, John seeks to equip boards and other organization leaders with the tools necessary to survive and even thrive. Warren explains, “My passion is using my skills, experience and education to advance Christian education and the work of churches and parachurch ministries by providing consulting to churches, schools and ministries nationwide. In this book, I explain the external economic environment, the current state of the banking industry as it relates to this group, and the organization-threatening financial obstacles faced by Christian nonprofits. My hope is that this book will assist you in taking a more radical, focused approach as you lead your organization.”

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